A nice Jewish mother in Melbourne rather upset that her son is framed as a killer

Yet more drama and evidence that Israel’s initially “successful” murder… of a Hamas operative now threatens to infuriate the general community around the world, upset that the Jewish state so arrogantly uses and abuses other’s identities in their activities:

The mother of an Australian man linked to the assassination of a militant leader in Dubai says the photo in the passport used to name him as a suspect is not his.

Joshua Daniel Bruce is one of three Australians named among 15 suspects in the killing of senior Hamas figure Mahmud al-Mabhuh in Dubai last month.

His mother Sarah Bruce fears her son, who lives in Jerusalem, may be the subject of reprisal attacks but hopes people realise he has been the victim of identity theft.

“I am fearful, but hopefully everyone will see that it is fraud. It’s not his photo in the pictures they’re flashing around everywhere,” Mrs Bruce said from her South Caulfield home.

She said her son had been living in Israel undertaking Jewish studies for the past seven years.

She said Joshua did not travel much and kept his passport at a drawer at home.

The first she and her husband Harvey knew about the fake passport was when they received a call from Canberra early this morning.

She said that while the fake passport contained…  her sons details, it did not have the correct photograph.

“It’s not his photo on the passport and we know nothing about it, nor does he,” Mrs Bruce said.

“He’s a very placid guy ”¦ he was concerned and he knew that we were, because we told him.”

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