A violent nation and proud of it

The free state of Israel? Hardly, writes Gideon Levy in Haaretz:

That’s how it is here: Opposition to peace is always legitimate and patriotic; opposition to war is always traitorous, anti-Israel and should be hushed while broadcasting his television show “London & Kirschenbaum” this week, Yaron London acknowledged they had run into problems: “We had some trouble as we were preparing this program. We know the broad consensus is in favor of the operation – to strike them hard, but there are also other voices, not only Arab Israelis, but Jews, too. We found a few Jews who believe the operation must be halted, or shouldn’t have been launched at all, and that political negotiations should be held. This is not my view. I called for a different line in articles I’ve written. But their voice needs to be heard, too. Wall-to-wall consensus spells disaster. But they were too frightened. Other voices are being terrorized into silence.”

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