Abbas looks for warm embrace of Zionist community

If anymore evidence is needed, and it isn’t, that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is a puppet desperate for Western approval (and funding and arms), here’s a little news from his American tour:

Leading Jewish Americans are reportedly just about fed up with the government of Turkey, but many of them are still very much interested in working with the Palestinian Authority and will meet with President Mahmoud Abbas tonight.

The S. David Abraham Center for Middle East Peace is hosting a private dinner for Abbas this evening that will bring together more than 30 Jewish community leaders and former officials to schmooze with Abbas, including former national security advisors Stephen Hadley and Sandy Berger and former White House Middle East hand Elliott Abrams. The event’s host is the center’s president, former Florida Congressman Robert Wexler, who is widely rumored to be soon appointed the next U.S. ambassador to Israel.

“The meeting tonight, it’s all for the purpose of supporting the administration’s effort to enable the Palestinians and Israelis to come together to engage in direct talks in a serious fashion about substantive issue related to final status issues,” Wexler told The Cable.

Regarding the Gaza flotilla incident that has dominated the headlines for weeks, Wexler said the Jewish community’s message will be: “It cannot or should not be an excuse or the mechanism in which to undermine the proximity talks.”

The Zionist lobby loves any Palestinian who capitulates.

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