ABCTV News24’s The Drum on Israel/Palestine and uranium sales to UAE

I appeared last night on ABCTV’s The Drum (video here) alongside the Sydney Morning Herald’s Judith Whelan and… … former NSW Liberal leader Kerri Chikarovski.

Aside from arguing against Australia selling uranium to UAE – seriously, do we need to provide a brutal dictatorship with a toxic and deadly resource? – and challenging the corporate media to not always call for economic “reform” that means privatisation and deregulation, I focused on Israel/Palestine.

In the context of Mitt Romney’s recent visit to Israel, which was all about raising money from rich Jews and telling Israel and Republican voters that he loved Zionism and occupation like a son, I said that both Romney and Obama are in effect killing the two-state solution by indulging Israel’s love of colonisation. The result? A ever-deepening ghetto mindset. It’s therefore vital to seriously consider, as is explained in my new book, After Zionism, that a one-state equation is the only just and democratic outcome.

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