ABCTV News24’s The Drum on refugees, #LeftTurn and Obama’s “kill list”

I appeared last night on ABC TV News24’s The Drum (video here) alongside ABC’s Stephen Long and The Australian’s… Adam Creighton. We talked about asylum seekers – I argued that keeping refugees for longer in detention will only benefit the private contractor Serco and worsen the mental health of both staff and detainees. Regarding austerity in Australia and Europe, country after country is rejecting these measures for good reason; they don’t work.

On my recently released book #LeftTurn,… I stressed the importance of considering different political and media ideas when corporate hacks are rewarded for getting most things wrong in the last decade. And Barack Obama’s “kill list” for supposed terrorists, a dangerous idea that gives far too much power to one person and undeniably creates more enemies of the West. I stressed that many mainstream journalists are too willing to grant anonymity to officials to highlight the supposed toughness of Obama.

UPDATE: ABC has pulled this show from the archives. Here’s why.

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