ABCTV News24’s The Drum on sexism, Syria and divestment

I appeared tonight on ABCTV News24’s The Drum (video here), alongside Rowan Dean and Jacqueline Maley, talking about a range of political issues.

I argued that it was legitimate for pension funds to divest from organisations or companies that go against people’s morality such as big tobacco, the thuggish Murdoch empire or fossil fuels (quoting the campaign).

The Gillard government’s campaign against sexism and misogyny is a little rich, I said, if one actually looks at its policies towards women here and overseas, not least in a place like Afghanistan where we’re backing the worst kind of warlords. So women friendly.

When discussing Syria, it’s important to not over-simplify the conflict between “good” rebels and “bad” government as the situation is very complex. Undoubtedly the government is committing war crimes but the so-called opposition is often instituting a brutal form of sharia. Outside intervention is causing a disaster and President Assad may have life in him yet.

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