Accountability in Palestine?

After the recent news that the International Criminal Court made an historic decision to allow its prosecutor to investigate war crimes in Palestine, I was asked by global broadcaster TRT World to comment:

Antony Loewenstein, an independent author and film-maker who lived in Jerusalem from 2016-2020, is also happy about the ICC decision.

“The recent ICC decision is a welcome move by an international body with a mixed record of bringing justice to victims of conflict,” he says.

“Largely ignoring crimes by the Western powers since its inception, we’re yet to see any trials of Western leaders, military generals or soldiers who caused carnage in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq or beyond, the ICC has finally decided to grow a backbone and investigate the gross violations of international law in Gaza and the occupied West Bank,” Loewenstein tells TRT World.

“Israel’s occupation of Palestine is one of the longest occupations of the modern age and the Jewish state enjoys almost complete diplomatic and military impunity,” says Loewenstein.

Further comments to TRT World concerned Israel’s restrictions on distributing Covid vaccines:

“Israel’s denial of Covid vaccines to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza speaks volumes about the control that Israel has over all Palestinian lives,” says Antony Loewenstein an independent author and film-maker who lived in Jerusalem from 2016-2020.

“Despite Israeli claims, Israel has a legal and moral responsibility to assist Palestinians,” added Loewenstein speaking to TRT World.

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