“After Zionism” co-editor talks more about open space for Middle East debate in Europe

Ahmed Moor writes for Mondoweiss:

Antony Loewenstein wrote… about a discussion he participated in in Tel Aviv around our jointly edited anthology,… After Zionism.

We were lucky enough to have an opportunity to speak about a one state future with Ghada Karmi and Dimi Reider in London recently. The Frontline Club – a journalistic hub – provided us with the venue while Tim Llewellyn (a former BBC journalist with expertise in the Middle East) moderated the discussion.… 

In reality, the one-state… solution… is only an idea now – but the one-apartheid-state was our point of departure. Recognition of the fact that we’ve moved well beyond anything called “two states for two peoples” was the basis for our discussion.

The conversation was lively – but it could have been livelier. In other words, the four of us had few disagreements. Part of this had to do with the panel make-up, but I think it was also because we were speaking in London. The Palestine/Israel discussion in the UK (and Europe more broadly) has long been more open than that in the US. Facts are harder to argue against there.

Video of the event here.

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