All her friends are leaving

Perhaps hardline Zionists are losing their influence in the age of Obama. Maybe. The rhetoric is shifting but facts on the ground?

Diehard Zionists, such as Jerusalem Post deputy managing editor Caroline B. Glick, demands that likely next Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, only talk about violence, bombing and massacres:

In the age of Honest Obama, Israel is alone in recognizing the necessity of preventing Iran from acquiring the means to destroy the Jewish state. Consequently, Netanyahu’s government will need to proceed with all deliberate speed to take whatever actions are necessary to prevent Israel’s destruction.

Peace in our time, indeed. It’s truly beyond time to isolate and expose Zionists and groups who seem incapable of separating Jewish actions with the Israeli state.

Repeat about me; use your brains, eyes and ears and you’ll find an ever-widening gulf.

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