America keen to keep Israel on the financial and military drip feed

From Ynet:

The US Senate is currently reviewing the US-Israel… Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 which passed the House of Representatives earlier this month.

The bill proposes shared satellite intelligence, aerial refueling tankers, specialized munitions and surplus drawdown gear from Iraq.

A Senate aide said the bill has already amassed nearly 50 co-sponsors and is expected to pass “by a lopsided margin or even unanimous vote” once it reaches the Senate floor, the Defense News weekly reported.

“There should not be one scintilla of light between the positions of Republicans and Democrats on the issue of the security of Israel,” said Sen. Johnny Isakson.

The bill was introduced by Jewish Senator Barbara Boxer of California and aims to extend US government-backed loan guarantees to Israel through 2015. It also urges expanded technology sharing and joint military exercises.

A detailed look at the bill indicates that US lawmakers are in tune with Jerusalem’s proclaimed needs manifested in expanded security aid in areas that are pertinent to a possible campaign against Iran.

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