American liberals have problem with Israel (and it’s growing)

New poll findings are bad news for Israel. Looks like killing peace activists and ongoing occupation are bad for the image. Who knew?

Less than half of all Americans believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is committed to peace, according to a new survey commissioned by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg.

The findings of the poll also point to a sharp decline in support for Israel in the United States, Germany, France and Sweden, and showed that Israel’s standing in German public opinion is at its lowest since 2008, Greenberg said.

The poll also found a steady drop in the proportion of Americans who think the United States needs to support Israel. In August 2009, 63 percent of American respondents answered in the affirmative. In June of this year, just 58 percent said the United States needs to back Israel. In July, the percentage dropped to 51.

Greenberg said the decrease could be attributed to the weakening of Israel’s standing in the eyes of American liberals.

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