Anniversary of the Islamic Republic has show of strength

The cry for freedom in Iran (from us, the West and a brutal dictatorship) continues:

It was meant to be a highlight of the Iranian revolutionary calendar, a day of mass rallies sponsored by the government to showcase contempt for America and the West.

But the official commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the storming by students of the US embassy in Tehran and the start of the 1979 hostage crisis was hijacked by the opposition yesterday – for their biggest show of strength in months.

Iranian bloggers and Twitterers reported an unprecedented level of open denunciation of regime figures during yesterday’s events. In Tehran, but also in cities like Rasht and Tabriz, the ritual “Death to America” chants expected on such occasions were matched by chants of “Down with the Dictator”.

Video clips posted on pro-reform websites apparently filmed yesterday, showed posters bearing the image of the Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei being trampled, which is tantamount to heresy. Others showed large crowds marching purposefully through the wide main streets of the capital chanting “Khamenei is a murderer – his rule is null and void” – a sentiment that it is unheard of to utter in public. In another clip people shouted: “Obama: you’re either with them or with us!”

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