Another day in the life of the West Bank

A report on Mondoweiss:

Joseph Dana from Ibn Ezra sent us the following:

I just shot and edited a video (see below) of what happen today in Safa in the southern West Bank. Ta’ayush went with about thirty Israeli and international peace activists to help the… farmers… of Safa work their land. As soon as we arrived we were attacked by settlers throwing rocks at us. Then the IDF came and arrested 7 activists and did not so much as ask the settlers to leave. The activists were later released because the… soldiers… had… violated… a Supreme Court ruling from 2006 that states that the IDF must protect the farmers of Safa from settler violence. But the damage was done. This is what Haaretz had to say about it this afternoon.

We later went to hilltop 18 which is the site of the Op-Ed that I published in Haaretz. The IDF quickly ordered the zone to be a closed military zone meaning that all… civilians… must leave the area or face arrest. We were removed and the settlers at the outpost were not. Clear violations of Israeli law.

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