Australia to take best lesson possible from indulging Zionism since 1948

A friend in Israel sent this to me today. We’ve been warned:

Australian politicians, senior bureaucrats, journalists, academics, military and business leaders have for many years been taking paid-for trips to Israel to observe the Israeli model in action, how it works, and to take home lessons that could be applied by Australia.

After many years Australia’s elites have finally agreed to put the Israeli model to work for Australia’s benefit.… On December 7 2012, Australian forces will launch surprise attacks on East Timor, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, destroying their airforces on the ground and following up with land assaults to occupy large parts of the territories of these states. Australia will then destroy most of the productive capacity of these lands, occupy the best of these lands with its own colonists, extract the resources of these lands for its own benefits and then sell the produce of this extraction back to the lands’ prior occupants, who will be forced to purchase it with humanitarian funds provided by the international community.

In addition, Australia will receive several billion dollars in military aid every year, to help it cope with the security threat the prior occupants present. It will use this money to train the children of the elites in advanced scientific and engineering fields and purchase arms from Australian companies staffed by these people, owned and managed by former military leaders. Once established, these companies will produce both advanced weaponry and other hi-tech products, which will then be sold worldwide, except to East Timor, PNG, and New Zealand.

”˜We’re confident this model will work for Australia, East Timor, PNG and New Zealand,’ said a leading member of Australia’s intelligence services, “and in light of the fact that these land masses were once joined to the mainland of the Australia, it’s clearly what God wants and requires of us. You have to respect that.”

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