Australian member of parliament thinks bombing Iran is almost inevitable

Australian, Jewish Zionist MP Michael Danby loves to talk about human rights in many countries around the world, except of course Palestine. It’s the usual program; issue directives without political risk but support the most reactionary elements of the Israeli political elite.

And bombing Iran. Take his piece in the Wall Street Journal that argues – seriously, does this guy get his talking points from the Israeli Foreign Ministry? Actually, don’t answer – that the bombing of Iran (by Israel?) will be the fault of…China:

President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is determined to build nuclear weapons and has threatened Israel with destruction many times. He may be bluffing, but this is not a risk Israel can afford to take. If the international community cannot restrain Iran, the government of Israel will face great pressure to take pre-emptive steps to protect the country against attack.

Thus, China’s greed for secure oil imports and its willingness to deal with outlaw regimes to get these imports is causing a breakdown in the world’s only system for disciplining countries that endanger peace. If the U.N. sanctions break down in Iran, this opens up a serious danger of war—and China will bear a heavy share of the blame.

It’s such a hackneyed article (though fits the Journal perfectly) that you wonder why he bothers.

If Israel bombs Iran, Israel will be to blame. As will Washington (and probably Canberra). And Israel will pay a very high price for this criminality.

Yet another intellectually bankrupt example of modern Zionism.

Are any prominent Zionists capable of defending anything other than war these days?

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