Be uncritical or shut up

Zionists constantly tell us that Israel is a holy entity that most Jews love unconditionally and want to feel closer to. Perhaps not:

Although American Jews and Israelis share a strong and mutual feeling of solidarity, U.S. coreligionists have a very low willingness to strengthen the relationship, according to a new study on the subject.

The Jewish Peoplehood research, whose findings will be presented on Tuesday at the Herzliya Conference, relies on questionnaires by some 3,000 Israelis and American Jews. Asked about the degree to which they feel connected to a Jewish brotherhood, both groups gave a similar answer which yielded an average score of 68 out of 100.

But the research also shows that Americans possess a drastically lower level of willingness than the Israelis’ when it comes to strengthening the bond. While Israelis ranked 66, the Americans’ average score was 32. “The emotional attachment that U.S. Jews have to Israel does not translate itself into willingness to act to strengthen this bond,” the research states.

As we’ve seen yet again this week in the Australian Jewish News – two local Jews dare argue that Zionism should be dismantled due to its racist intent and the paper writes, in both a front page story and editorial, that the community is in apoplexy – modern Zionism is riddled with insecurity and paranoia.

Such an appealing ideology.

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