Blame the Jews for the attacks

The following report, published in Hebrew in Ma’ariv on February 23, has been translated by Melbourne-based Sol Salbe.

The content speaks for itself and proves, yet again, that the Jewish state’s behaviour is causing anti-Semitism around the world:

Olmert: Antisemitism on the rise – because of the Occupation

During the weekly full ministry meeting Olmert argued that the rise in the level of antisemitism in the world is caused by the Occupation. “That situation provides an opening to attack Israel.”

22/02/2009 18.27 [Israel time]

Eli Bradenstein

During the weekly ministry meeting that took place yesterday (Sunday) the Prime Minster dealt with the rising tide of antisemitism throughout the world. He suggested that the reason for it was the blockade of the Gaza Strip. “We need to remember that the Occupation is a problem for us”, he explained.

During the discussion of annual report of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute report of the Jewish people, the Prime Minster emphasised that “As long as this situation exists, it provides an opening to attack Israel and provides an opportunity for anti-Jewish forces to raise their voice.”

According to him: “We need to remember that the complex situation in which we are in (ie the Occupation – EB) promotes antisemitism.”

He further argued: “As long as we are presented as Occupiers, we will continue to suffer from antisemitic incidents. It is best that we don’t forget the broad picture and the compound implication of being Occupiers.”

In addition Olmert warned against the formation of a government of the extreme Right: “It must be understood not only what we faced in the past but what we will face in the future, if we project a world outlook in which ruling over another people is an integral part of our world outlook, one in which we have no interest to change.

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