Bomb those Ayrabs (they’ll all the same anyway)

American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg – a man who strongly advocated the war in Iraq, published numerous dodgy articles connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda and argued the US would succeed there in no time – has now published this telling remark:

Nor were neoconservative ideologues—who had the most-elaborate visions of a liberal, democratic Iraq—interested in the Kurdish cause, or even particularly knowledgeable about its history. Just before the “Mission Accomplished” phase of the war, I spoke about Kurd…­istan to an audience that included Norman Podhoretz, the vicariously martial neoconservative who is now a Middle East adviser to Rudolph Giuliani. After the event, Podhoretz seemed authentically bewildered. “What’s a Kurd, anyway?” he asked me.

Podhoretz, let’s not forget, believes the US should bomb Iran immediately.

Who takes the neo-conservatives seriously, again?

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