Both major Australian parties are conservative so make an alternative choice

Marcus Westbury writes on the ABC that Australian voters have a real choice at the forthcoming election:

For many progressive voters the Rudd government’s decisions in recent weeks to axe the ETS (and offer up no alternative), suspend the processing of asylum seeker claims, and belligerently persist with mad schemes like censoring the internet against all evidence has come as something of a relief.

The attempt to have it both ways by trying to simultaneously woo suburban marginals and inner city progressives has finally come to a shuddering end. The government has made its choice and now voters are free to make theirs.

If you voted for the ALP seeking meaningful action on climate change, a sensible asylum seekers policy free of dog whistling and scapegoating, or a reality based approach to the challenges of the internet, you’re no longer being asked to do so again. A bad relationship that you may have been conflicted about now leaves you relieved and disappointed to discover that your partner left you first.

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