Cables of a failed war

Just one of the latest Wikileaks-related cables, this one from London in 2009:

Prime Minister Brown was “very pleased” by President Obama’s December 1 speech describing the way forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and HMG would like U.S. and UK public statements to remain in synch, Philip Barton, Director, Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the Cabinet Office’s Foreign and Defence Policy Secretariat, told the Political Minister Counselor December 2.(Barton’s boss, Foreign Policy Advisor Simon McDonald, passed the same message to the Ambassador in a telephone call, noting that U.S. and UK positions were very much in synch and this was appreciated by PM Brown). Barton outlined the UK’s goals for the January 28 international Conference on Afghanistan in London, which include discussing ways to empower the Afghan authorities, addressing reintegration of Taliban elements, and determining the most effective mechanism for international civilian leadership in Afghanistan. According to Barton, Prime Minister Brown is “personally involved and engaged” in planning for the Conference. The UK will invite foreign ministers, and President Karzai and UNSYG Moon have said they will attend. The Conference will provide an “opportunity” for participants to announce civilian or military contributions but the Conference should not be a donor or force-generation conference, Barton stated. During his December 3 meeting in London with Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani, Prime Minister Brown will press Gilani on the need for Pakistan to: expand its fight against extremism; target terrorist sanctuaries; develop a plan for governance and development in the FATA; and, increase dialogue with India, Barton stated. HMG believes that now is an opportune moment to engage Gilani since his power is increasing at the same time that President Zardari’s power is declining. End Summary.

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