Delusional existence

The Zionist mindset is a curious beast. We’re told that lawsuits against Israeli officers could be a PR coup for the Jewish state. Then the US praises the EU for granting urgent aid to the Palestinians. “We are all working together to prevent a collapse of the interim PA government and to support the Palestinian people”, offered a US State Department spokesman. Yossi Alpher, former senior advisor to Ehud Barak, demands the US do something about “democracy”:

“…We must persuade Washington to cease sponsoring democratic elections in which armed Islamist militias are allowed to participate. This is the principal root of the current evil, not only in Palestine but in Iraq and Lebanon as well.”

Those Arabs really don’t deserve free choice, after all.

It is no wonder that the Arab world treats US overtures about democracy with utter contempt. Rami Khouri, columnist for Lebanon’s Daily Star, explains:

Not surprisingly, the trend of public opinion and political sentiments on the ground throughout the Middle East has been in favour of mainstream Islamists who simultaneously accept democratic pluralism, defy the U.S., resist Israeli occupation and colonization, and demand less corruption and more efficient governance at home. So Hamas, Hizbullah, the Muslim Brotherhood and movements like Sadr’s are winning elections, even when America-friendly governments such as Egypt’s restrict their freedom of movement.… 

Meanwhile, Israel’s position towards Hamas is essentially ignored in the Arab world while the Jewish state boasts of maintaining illegal settlements in any final settlement. And the world wonders why the Palestinians resist?

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