Do we have to have Arab members of parliament at all?

Zionist nationalism is out of control. Firs we read, in a rather comical way, that some right-wing Jewish groups want to rename Turkish coffee to, well, something else because Ankara is a terrorist state etc.

But this is far more serious:

The Knesset’s House Committee on Monday recommended revoking the privileges of Israeli Arab MK Hanin Zuabi,…  after she participated in last week’s Gaza-bound aid flotilla which resulted in an IDF raid that killed nine activists.

The decision was passed by a majority of seven to one, with MK Ilan Gilon of Meretz opposing.

The Knesset committee recommended rescinding from Zuabi three key privileges usually granted to Knesset Members. One is the privilege to exit the country – which is supposed to prevent Zoabi from fleeing Israel if she commits a felony or has debts in Israel.

Another privilege is carrying a diplomatic passport, which according to the Knesset’s legal adviser, is a privilege that does not grant diplomatic immunity so revoking it would not make it more difficult for Zuabi to fulfill her duties.

The third privilege is the right to have the Knesset cover litigation fees of an MK if he or she is put on trial.

The revocation of Zuabi’s privileges is conditional on the approval of the Knesset plenum.

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