Don’t protest in the Zionist state

Jewish Peace News reports:

Last week, seven activists (five of them from New Profile), were surprised in their homes by Israeli policeman, brought in for interrogation and their computers confiscated. … New Profile is being investigated for allegedly “inciting to evade military service.” The charges are bizarre, since New Profile, which works against militarism in Israeli society, … has always operated openly and publicly. … The only conclusion is that this is a politically inspired witchhunt. … This raid seems to be an escalation by the Israeli government in its attempt to intimidate and harass political activists.

Twenty three feminist organizations sent a letter in solidarity with New Profile to the Ministry of Justice protesting the police’s action.

On Thursday there was a demonstration in front of a Tel Aviv police station in solidarity with New Profile’s arrestees. … The items below explain what happened: … a crowd of over 100 people, mostly women, some elderly, gathered chanting and holding signs in protest. … Without warning, police waded in very violently, arresting 8 people and beating and pushing several others.

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