Equality for all between Israelis and Palestinians threatens Zionist identity

This weekend’s One State Solution conference at Harvard University has already caused consternation in the usual Zionist circles.

One of the organisers, Ahmed Moor, co-editor with me on a forthcoming book After Zionism, issued the following statement to… Inside Higher Ed… for critics who won’t understand why advocates can’t find love for Israel in their hearts:

In an era when presidential candidates feel it is appropriate to deny the existence of the Palestinian people, I understand why some may feel threatened by a call for equal rights in Israel/Palestine. In America too, people once feared the consequences of an end to segregation. More recently, Afrikaners worried that enfranchising South African blacks may be a bad decision. But they learned that granting everyone equal rights is nothing to be afraid of. Indeed, their country is better since the fall of apartheid.

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