Failure on every count

The conflict between Israel and Hamas should give us cause to pause and wonder what the Jewish state has become.

War crimes are taking place:

“There is no doubt that Israel is using phosphorous bombs over Gaza. Israel is flagrantly violating the Fourth Geneva Convention,” says Raji Sourani, head of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza. “This is not the first time we have documented Israel using this kind of prohibited weapon against Gaza’s civilian population,” Sourani told IPS by phone from Gaza.

Australian commentator and Independent Australian Jewish Voices blogger Michael Brull argues that the Zionist lobby wilfully twists reality and simply rehashes Israeli talking points. In other words, they should be on the government payroll, if they’re not already.

And the effect of all this in the US (this may be satire and yet could it be true)?

President Elect Barack Obama is threatening to cancel Jay Z’s appearance at his January 20th Inauguration in Washington, D.C. if the rapper born Sean Carter performs new pro Palestinian lyrics that support Hamas. Obama advisers got a preview of the lyrics when David Axelrod accompanied Jay Z and Beyonce to an outdoor fundraiser for Michael Steinhardt. Steinhardt asked Jay Z to do a freestyle rap dissing Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. But Carter declined to get involved in the “beef” saying he is married and avoids beef nowadays “by any means necessary”.

Zionist commentators in Israel claim the current war is a fight “for Israel’s sovereignty.” Some in America are more realistic.

Either way, many in the Arab world, Iran and Hizbollah have rarely been so determined and emboldened by the Jewish state’s deliberate violence.

That’s quite an Israeli “victory”.

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