Following us home

Yesterday’s bust of the Fort Dix Six has inspired predictable cynicism:

… one questioned whether this might be one of the many suspicious “coincidences” in which a new “terrorist threat” emerges just in time to divert attention from the latest White House scandal, such as the illegal use of political loyalty oaths in the hiring and firing of DoJ employees. The benefit of having a new scandal every week is that there are no timing coincidences any more. Any time is a good time for a diversion.

… It has also raised the question as to the wisdom behind the notion that we are fighting the terrorists in Iraq, so that we don’t have to fight them here:

All this reminds us there is something seriously wrong with the Bush/Cheney logic and their strategic assessment. All that rhetoric about “them” “following us home” — what Richard Clarke calls the White House’s “puppy dog theory” — sounds pretty ludicrous, because it’s exactly backwards. Instead of worrying about al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia following us home, American policy should stop breeding wannabe terrorists here by what we’re doing there. We should worry that this Administration has an incoherent, and dangerously delusional understanding of the threat to America that bears no relationship to reality. And that’s the real danger to the country.

You see there in lies you’re problem.… 

We should stop breeding wannabe terrorists here by what we’re doing there.

It just isn’t bumper sticker material.…  We gotta keep these one liners simple or the Commander in Chief might get confused.

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