Halper supports peace

The following letter appears in today’s Sydney Morning Herald:

I never heard the PM program to which Athol Morris refers (Letters, March 14-15), but I did hear Jeffrey Halper interviewed by Fran Kelly on the ABC Radio National Breakfast program on March 11. Professor Halper never mentioned being against the existence of a Jewish state on that program. My interpretation of the interview was that his aim was to see Israelis and Palestinians live together in peace. He also referred to houses owned by Arabs in the Negev that have been bulldozed about 18 times to date.

The final crucial point he made was that a big proportion of suicide bombers consist of young people who have had their houses demolished by the Israeli Government. I would encourage people who would like to eventually see peace in the Middle East to attend Professor Halper’s talks to hear for themselves and make up their own mind.

Maureen Dean Lane Cove

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