Hating is acceptable

Bradley Burston asks in Haaretz, “what makes Islam so easy to hate“:

“There is a reason why Islam has become so easy to misinterpret, so easy to fear, so easy to hate: those who speak evil and do evil and order others to perform acts of evil in the name of its God and His Prophet.”

Let me clarify. A tiny handful of Muslims are fundamentalists who hate Jews, hate the West and want to inflict great damage on “us.” The vast majority of Muslims are law-abiding, compassionate, tolerant and understanding people.

A tiny handful of Jews are fundamentalists who hate Muslims, Palestinians and Arabs and want to inflict great damage of “them.” The vast majority of Jews are honest and decent people.

Perhaps Burston would like to extend his theory to other religions. In Israel, however, such racism is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.

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