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The voice of eloquence. Over to you, Yoel Marcus of Haaretz:

The American decision to sell billions of dollars’ worth of cutting edge weapon technology to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, and to compensate Israel by increasing military aid to $30 billion over the next decade, boils down to an admission by President George W. Bush that after two botched terms, he is leaving behind a lot of scorched earth. The situation in Iraq is gridlocked; Iran is still developing the bomb; al-Qaida continues to stalk the earth; and the two-state solution in our neck of the woods is still far from being implemented, if it ever will be. His push for democratic elections in the territories has produced Hamastan in Gaza. Bush is ending his failed career the only way America knows how: Here, take the money, and work it out yourselves.… 

A two-state solution by the end of 2008?

Sure, and the Pope really loves Jews, too.

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