How many Hitlers are there in the world (Zionists need to know now)?

Zionist hysteria is as old as Zionism itself. But this recent example only proves the point over and over again. Zionism is an inherently insecure ideology that thrives on victimhood and aggression. This entire post from Promised Land has to be read to be believed:

Gonen Ginat is deputy editor for Israel Hayom, the free paper billionaire Sheldon Adelson has launched last year in support of Benjamin Netanyahu and that since became the second widely read paper in Israel.

(The not-so-secret admiration of Israel Hayom for the PM was demonstrated again this week, following a visit by Netanyahu to a navy base. The PM slipped on a boat, and nearly fell to the water. The day after three out of four dailies printed the pictures of Netanyahu loosing his footing, while one showed the PM in full command, standing next to the Chief of Staff. You can read more about it and see pics here.)

Back to Ginat. This weekend, Israel Hayom published its first weekend edition (what caused great concern among the other tabloids). Ginat holds the prestigious last page column of the political section, and he decided to make its debut with a brutal attack on J-Street. His entire article was dedicated to comparing the new lobbying group to a Jew named Yaakov Trachtenberg who published in April 33”² a statement in support of Nazi Germany.

It is no news that the only history lesson the Israeli Right attended was about Europe before WW2. with them it’s always 39”², everyone who doesn’t agree with them is an anti-Semite, probably a Nazi, and every Arab leader is Hitler (following this line, Netanyahu’s idol is Churchill). Egypt’s Nasser was Hitler, Arafat was Hitler, Ahmadinejad is Hitler, and only Abu-Mazen is not Hitler, just a Holocaust denier, i.e. a Nazi (That’s in Ginat’s article as well, by the way). But still, throwing the Nazi connection at the ever-so-careful people of J-Street, who open every sentence with “as Zionists and supporters of Israel”? That’s taking it a bit too far, I would say.

After quoting the Trachtenberg piece from 33”², and before quoting a similar article, written by a German “intellectual and reform Rabbi” (Ginat is Orthodox), Ginat writes:

“Soon they will be heating the ovens in Auschwitz, but the Jews of Germany didn’t let the facts reach them. Typical Jewish stubbornness, just like in J-Street (”¦). They published letters and made it clear that the fear of eradication is merely propaganda. With about the same words J-Street uses when Iran is discussed.”

Forget the fact that in 33”² nobody discussed eradication, not even the Nazis. Let’s listen to the deputy editor’s bottom line:

“Not that many years after (the holocaust), J-Street don’t get what’s wrong with hosting anti-Semites and cheering for holocaust deniers (”¦). Maybe they are right, maybe. On the other hand, when J-street find it difficult to figure who is right in the confrontation between Israel and Hamas, from the Middle East it is difficult, real difficult, to tell the difference between Trachtenberg and J-Street.”

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