How many in the West know that Jews are allowed to act as they want in the West Bank?

Haaretz reporter Avi Issacharoff writes, in an article headlined, “Israel policy allows settlers to rampage unchecked“, that the West Bank is lawless and mad:

In general, the decision-making body in Israel regarding building over the Green Line has become deliberately destructive, and adopted a policy of “ya’ani” (Arabic slang for something which only gives an appearance of reality, a kind of “as if”). Former minister and current Kadima MK Avi Dichter likes to say that the Palestinian culture is a “ya’ani” culture, and tells tales of his time as head of the Shin Bet security service, when it was “as if” the PA was working to fight terror, and “as if” it were arresting suspects in terror attacks. Sadly, however, the Israeli government has “ya’ani” decided to freeze settlement construction, and “ya’ani” is seeking a permanent status agreement. The government has separately approved construction over the Green Line for schools, public buildings, 3,600 housing units, 110 housing units, 1,600 housing units, a synagogue and more.

In everything connected to the settlers and settlements, the government has a “ya’ani” policy. Enforcement of the law in the territories is “ya’ani,” except when it comes to transforming the West Bank into a Garden of Eden for settler law-breakers. The hilltop youth can set fire to mosques, fields, homes and cars, beat up Palestinian farmers and damage property and people, all thanks to the “ya’ani” policy of the Israeli government.

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