How many New Zealanders shout at the sight of an Israeli head?

The recent speech by the new Israeli ambassador to New Zealand – a position that has been vigorously protested by locals over the last months – at the opening of the new embassy in Wellington:

The reopening of this Mission reflects the importance that Israel attaches to its relations with New Zealand. The primary aim of the new Embassy is to advance ties between our two nations, in all fields. In spite of the enormous geographical distance between our two small countries, we share common values – an enterprising spirit, a love for our land, a strong belief in freedom and democracy, and the desire for a peaceful world, based on tolerance and mutual respect. Israel and New Zealand share expertise in a number of fields, including science and technology, agriculture, fisheries, medicine, trade and water management.

It must be hard to sell an occupying nation that gladly imprisons millions of Palestinians.

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