How to kill a people silently

The brutal, largely unseen effects, of the occupation:

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have fragmented health services, according to a new study, due to the restrictions imposed upon people by Israeli security forces, poor management, and a growing population.

The study is the product of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and includes contributions by researchers from universities in the US, Norway, France, and the West Bank.

Infant mortality rates have risen sharply, as well as mental health cases, and many Palestinians find it difficult to find treatment for heart disease or cancer.

Tuberculosis in the West Bank and Gaza rose by more than half between 1999 and 2003, with mental disorders up by a third.

Between 10% and 30% of Palestinian children suffer a detriment to their cognitive development and physical health from malnutrition.

Hannan Abdul Rahim said that the trend of stunted growth among children is increasing, and that people are concerned about the long-term effects of chronic malnutrition.

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