How to kill that Jewish “dream”

Leading Jewish American blogger Phil Weiss – a true friend and ally on Middle East matters – provides wider context to the recent comments by Israeli writer Naomi Ragen:

Here’s Naomi Ragen, a writer who seems to split her citizenship between Israel and the U.S., speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald. She’s orthodox, and dismissive of most Jews:

These people are ignorant of their own history. They don’t realise that there was never a Palestinian state here – never a real state between the Babylonian destruction and the reborn state of Israel.”

Understand: No such thing as Palestinians. Like Golda Meir. And where were your ancestors, Naomi? And of Antony Loewenstein, the anti-Zionist, she says: “Bring it on. Those kind of people are easy. They say one lie after another. He’s a typical self-hating, ignorant Jew.”

Oh my. I wish the American press were doing these stories every day: the Jews who oppose the two-state solution. How many there are, what they’re thinking. No, it’s easier to attack Walt and Mearsheimer.

Weiss is right. Many mainstream Jewish groups talk publicly about supporting a two-state solution but do everything in their power to scuttle any peace initiatives between Israel and the Palestinians. The result? The impossibility of a two-state solution and inevitability of a one-state reality.

Well done, Diaspora Jewry.

The occupation has destroyed Israel from within.

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