How to love being a victim

Israel getting a bad rap internationally?

Two good reasons here and here.

How to solve the problem, according to the former Yesha Council chairman?

Form an Israeli PR ministry:

Today, it is clear that a country that embarks on war, or any other dramatic step needed to secure its existence, must create public legitimacy both domestically and internationally. The almost complete Palestinian takeover of the public opinion arena in networks such as Sky News, CNN, and BBC News, not to mention the venomous propaganda in the Arabic-language and English-language al-Jazeera, undermines the State of Israel’s ability to win its wars.

An Israeli PR ministry would not be able to change the images of destruction from Gaza, yet should the PR apparatus be given proper budget, and headed by a PR minister with the ability to effectively coordinate and manage our efforts, it may counter-balance the venomous propaganda with other images.

The issue, dear Zionists, isn’t the message. The problem is your shocking behaviour.

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