If only Sri Lanka was more like Libya

Very powerful and true letter published in yesterday’s Melbourne Age:

I am a Sri Lankan. In 2009, we had the same issue as Libya: Sri Lankan armed forces killed civilians during the fight against the rebels.

The Australian Tamils wrote to then prime minister Kevin Rudd to help stop the bloodshed and prevent the innocents being killed. Neither the prime minister nor the foreign minister did anything.

The UN and Western leaders did nothing, watching thousands of innocents killed.

Now Kevin Rudd is making noises about the UN resolution on the Libyan crisis. Barack Obama said the Libyan people should be protected. Where was he when the Tamils were massacred by the Sri Lankan government?

The war criminals in Sri Lanka are still free and continue to commit atrocities and the Western world turns a blind eye.

Why this double-standard? Libya has oil wealth. The Tamils do not have any. The UN is supposed to protect the poor and vulnerable. But here oil wealth speaks loud and clear.

N. S. Nathan, Wheelers Hill

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