Ilan Pappe is not Zionist enough for Germany

Ilan Pappe is one of Israel’s finest historians. He kindly endorsed my first book, My Israel Question.

Sadly, some Jews, this time in Germany, remain petrified over open debate. Will they ever learn?

Anti-Zionist historian Prof. Ilan Pappe, one of the most important “New Historians”, was scheduled to speak last weekend at the Pedagogical Institute of Munich. But a letter received from the “Israeli-German association of Munich”, claiming that Pappe’s lecture would turn into “an anti-Israeli propaganda show,” led the Munich Municipality to reconsider the event. The municipality eventually did not let Pappe use the room, claiming its decision was prompted by fears of violent clashes breaking out in the area. The Munich police insisted that there was no danger of fear for the security of those attending the lecture.

Prof. Pappe wrote an open letter to the mayor, stating that “in the 1930s my father, a German Jew, was silenced in a similar manner, and I am saddened to discover the same censorship in 2009.”

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