Inciting race hatred on Murdoch money

A helpful reminder of the kind of hatred that regularly appears in the pages of a leading Murdoch publication.

Alan Howe is a senior figure in Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper who loves to demean Arabs and praise Israel (free trips to the Jewish state thanks to the Zionist lobby have certainly helped him hone his subtle message).

His latest really speaks for itself but it’s the kind of bile that makes a mockery of Murdoch hacks talking about “quality journalism”:

It inflames their brains, they have spasms of involuntary violent behaviour, eventually go mad, froth at the mouth, and will bite the hand that feeds them.

Gaza has rabies.

Well, sort of. Actually, its disease is an infestation of self-loathing, ungrateful Islamists. But the symptoms and the prognosis are much the same.

Iran also shows some rabid symptoms – and is appropriately led by the barking-mad President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – as do many of the countries in the Arab world.

Right now, in a change that might yet develop into the greatest threat to those of us who choose to remain civilised, it seems Turkey may be incubating the disease.

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