Initial Cuba

So, Cuba lives. After the US, Cuba seems to be a throwback to a different era (even though I read, on the slowest web access in the world, that in a new poll the US is little trusted to resolve world conflicts.)

It’s early days – and my posting to this blog will remain very light until early May, so over to you, Andre – but already I’ve gotten a sense of the place that is far removed from the stereotypes expressed by the Left and Right. It’s hardly a socialist paradise, and it’s not exactly on the second tier of the “axil of evil”. Many people are struggling to survive, and the poverty is grinding. Dissastisfaction with the regime is palpable.

On the other hand, distrust of the West and the US especially is rife. For this reason, it’s often easy to forget how insulated we are in the West to views…  that are far removed from our own. Many people here truly believe in socialism, but they also want TVs, stereos etc. Maybe China is the new model.

More obsevations some time soon, but will Fidel make a public comeback on May 1?

Back to research…

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