Israel aims for humanity during Ramadan but fails

The fact that this is even a story shows the apartheid-like conditions in Palestine. Shameful:

Israel’s military will allow Palestinian and Israeli relatives to meet during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and soldiers have been briefed on how to show respect during the fast.

The fast of Ramadan began Wednesday.

Civil Administration officials met with Palestinian religious authorities to discuss prayer times and upcoming religious events, and to tell them about the relaxation of the rules.

Soldiers operating in the West Bank were asked to avoid eating, drinking and smoking in public, especially at border crossings. The soldiers also were given pamphlets explaining the laws and significance of the holiday, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Palestinian families will be permitted to visit relatives in Israel during Ramadan, and Israeli Arabs will be permitted to enter West Bank areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority during the holy month. The hours of several crossings between Israel and the Palestinian Authority also will be extended.

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