Israel, the world really loves you, you better believe it

Zionist propagandists, don’t feel alone. Israel has a job for you.

One truly wonders whether Israel is stupid or just overly optimistic. Better PR and more use of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook isn’t going to change the woeful international image of the Jewish state. Ending the occupation will help but there ain’t no chance of that anytime soon:

Israel’s army is recruiting soldiers for a new unit that is waging a virtual public relations battle on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to improve the military’s image.

“Because of the platform you can get a lot of information out relatively easily,” said Sergeant Aliza Landes, who heads the unit. “The Internet, and especially social networks, Web 2.0 and bloggers, are an increasingly important and powerful way to disseminate information.”

Israel first began seriously using the Internet as a public-relations tool during a three-week military initiative in the Gaza Strip that began on Dec. 27 to stop rocket attacks on its southern towns and cities. The army launched a YouTube channel that month and broadcast footage of air force attacks on Gaza targets, including one of a missile aborted once officers realized civilians were in the area.

A unit dedicated to Internet publicity was officially formed in September and we “continue to grow and invest in manpower and resources,” Major Erik Snider, an army spokesman, said by telephone. “It is absolutely important for the Israeli army to be out there. There are few armies around the world that receive the scrutiny and attention that the Israeli military does.”

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