Israeli PR needs a lobotomy

While Israelis are being encouraged to promote their country overseas – unsurprisingly ignoring the less savoury aspects of the occupation – one Israeli commentator is pleased that the country’s so-called enemies are fearful of “crazy Israel”:

The Goldstone Report, which claimed that Israel goes crazy when it is being attacked, caused us some damage (which should not be exaggerated) in the world, yet it was a blessing in our region. If Israel goes crazy and destroys everything in its way when it’s being attacked, one should be careful. No need to mess with crazy people.

What a charming man.

Another day, another announcement that utterly kills any chances of peace:

An Israeli planning committee has pushed forward plans for 600 new homes in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem.

No wonder even the US-backed Palestinian Authority is considering embracing a push for a one-state solution.

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