It’s clearly alright to harass Arab women

Hanin Zoabi, Palestinian member of the Knesset currently facing a hate campaign by mad Zionists, recalls the behaviour of Jewish parliamentarians after her detention near Gaza last week:

During the first meeting, there was a hard aggression, and they called me “traitor” and “terrorist.” “Where are the knives? Where do you hide the knives?” You see, and even sexual—even sexual remarks, even things related to my age, even things related to the fact that I’m a single, I’m not a married woman. They said to me, “Go to Gaza. You are thirty-eight years old. Go, and we will see if you will manage to be in Gaza and to live in Gaza as a single woman, thirty-eight years old.” It was below any level. It was below not just unethical remarks and not just unhuman remarks. It was something that I never imagined to be in the Parliament. It was something unbelievable.

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