It’s our side or nothing

The Columbia Journalism Review is currently running a series about this year’s war in Gaza (one piece is by the New York Times stringer based in the Strip and another comparing British and American media coverage).

Lisa Goldman, an Israeli journalist, has written an essay that reveals the dark heart of the Israeli state:

During the first week of Israel’s winter military operation in Gaza, a broadcaster for ChanNel 2, which has the highest rating of Israel’s three television stations, sparked a small firestorm by expressing what was perceived as excessive sympathy for the enemy. Summarizing a report during the evening news, anchorwoman Yonit Levy said, “It’s hard to convince the world that the war is justified when we have one person dead and the Palestinian nation has 350 dead.” Channel 2 was soon inundated with letters of complaint and came under fire online, where somebody set up an Internet petition to have Levy fired. Several of Levy’s colleagues, horrified by what one called a “lynch,” came publicly to her support.

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