Jewish leaders who fear anything other than conformity

The following letter appears in today’s Melbourne Age:

Last week a major Jewish newspaper refused to run an advertisement publicising talks by prominent Israeli academic and peace activist Professor Jeff Halper.

This week Jewish leaders are campaigning against talks with former Iranian leader Mohammad Khatami at La Trobe University’s Centre for Dialogue. While it is stated that for every two Jews, there are three opinions, it seems that the Australian Jewish community is being corralled into a very narrow concept of Israeli nationalism and colonisation by a centre for non-dialogue, equivalent to a theocracy.

Mark Braddbeer, Brunswick

Once again, the Zionist lobby shoots itself in the foot, proves to be utterly intolerant of anybody who doesn’t subscribe to its Likud worldview and shows the wider community that Jews don’t really like to debate. Which many of us do.

Zionists: 0

Stupidity: 1

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