Jews who don’t adore Israel are still good Jews (pass it on)

Tony Karon in The National on Jewish impatience with Israel:

The Zionist dream had always been that Israel would be not only the spiritual, but also the political and physical home of the world’s Jews. That dream has faded, largely because it is not shared by a majority of the world’s Jews, who have chosen not to live in Israel, and are unlikely to move there in the near future.

Israelis can certainly count on support from America when their physical safety is threatened by suicide bombers or rockets. But much of that support evaporates when the issue is whether the Israelis can expand settlements in East Jerusalem in the name of biblical fulfilment.

Having integrated themselves into a wider society in which they enjoy the same rights and responsibilities before the law as any other citizen, many Jewish Americans appear to be losing patience with Israel’s insistence on defying international norms.

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