Just what can a multinational do?

First Google willingly signs up to assist the Chinese regime to censor the internet. Now, it’s possibly breached national security:

China is to investigate Google and other websites for allegedly breaching state secrecy laws and showing “illegal” maps of the country.

According to Min Yiren, vice head of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, authorities hope to get rid of online maps that wrongly depict China’s borders or that reveal military secrets, the People’s Daily said.

No fewer than eight ministries and bureaus are to examine online maps to see whether they breach laws or undermine the country’s “territorial integrity”.

Territorial integrity is usually a code word for ensuring that maps and other documents clearly mark the island of Taiwan as part of China, as China claims, and do not distinguish it in some way as to suggest it might be independent.

Simply put, Google is not winning a large enough percentage of China’s internet market.

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