Keep praising those brave IDF boys

Here’s the deal. Zionist Labor MP Michael Danby – an elected politician who seems to love Israel like a beautiful woman and challenge anybody who dares damn Zionist ideology – has complained about an ABC TV program that raised the recent Gaza war. War crimes were committed, but Danby and his media mates won’t tolerate any criticism of the Jewish state. Oddly enough, Danby felt the need to slam me in his spray, too. Murdoch columnist Andrew Bolt praises Danby’s “patriotism”. My following response was published this afternoon:

And yet again here we have two Zionists fanatics defending the virtuous IDF. Just like the wonderful Coalition troops in Iraq who only happen to kill countless Iraqi civilians. Oh well, at least they’re being liberated.

Here are some uncomfortable facts for those few people still defending the Gaza war. It achieved nothing other than strengthening Hamas. Over 1400 Palestinians were murdered, the vast majority of Gazans remain in dire shape.

In terms of war crimes, virtually every human rights in the world has documented the many examples of Israeli abuses (as well as condemning the Hamas rockets.) For example, Human Rights Watch (HRW) found the use of white phosphorous in civilian areas. I guess HRW must be anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.

The testimony of Israeli soldiers in Gaza, cited above, remain valid. The fact that the IDF conducted an internal investigation and concluded no crimes were committed isn’t exactly a rigorous process.

The bigger questions largely ignored in this debate by the likes of Bolt and Danby are the prospects of the Jewish state even surviving another 60 years. The illegal occupation of the West Bank is killing Israel and most of the global Jewish Diaspora doesn’t say a word.

For Israel supporters, Israel is an ideal, a country that simply doesn’t exist. The occupation is invisible. The abuses don’t exist. The world hates Jews and Israel. Fortress Israel is the future. An appealing Zionist prospect.

And Danby might like to know that David Landau hasn’t been the editor of Haaretz for a long time. Of course, Danby and Bolt’s knowledge of Israel/Palestine is largely gained from IDF reports and Melanie Phillips.

And Zionists wonder why Israel has never been more hated across the globe. This week we discovered that more than 9000 new, illegal homes were built over the last three years in the West Bank, during the “peace process”.

Where’s Danby or Bolt’s outcry over the daily abuses by Jewish settlers in the West Bank?

More and more Jews are speaking out against such actions.

Of course, we’re all self-hating, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, terror-supporters.

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