Kill them all now

When critics of Israel say that Zionists have lost any sense of humanity or perspective, they couldn’t mean this, could they?

Israel is entitled not only to cut off Gaza’s electricity, but also to hit every power plant in Gaza because the electricity is used to operate the lathes that produce the Qassam rockets. Israel is entitled to destroy all the bridges and roads in Gaza because they are used to transport the Qassams that are launched against Israeli citizens. And Israel is entitled to strike against the institutions and facilities of the Hamas government that stands behind the launching of Qassams. This is how any normal country would behave and this is how the State of Israel should also act until Khaled Meshal apologizes to the Palestinians and explains that he would not have allowed Islamic Jihad to launch Qassams at Sderot or Zikim if he had known that Israel would respond in this manner.

The writer is a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv. It’s good that Haaretz prints such vile rubbish. The world needs to see what has happened to the mainstream Israeli mindset.

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