“Left Turn” reviewed in The Age/Sydney Morning Herald

The following review by Fiona Capp… of my recently released book with Jeff Sparrow… appears in today’s paper:

It hardly needs stating that we live in a time of economic crisis and political uncertainty. And yet our leaders offer no alternative visions and pay little heed to stirrings of unrest. As these essays show, and as any geologist will tell you, rumblings from underground – no matter how intermittent – are not to be lightly dismissed. Revolutions still do happen. Just look at the Arab world.

Left Turn looks closer to home, reminding us that, as Rick Kuhn puts it, “economic crises are not accidents”, they are the inevitable offspring of the capitalist system. Above all, the authors point to other ways of thinking and being. Highlight include Jeff Sparrow’s illuminating discussion of the Occupy movement and the revival of the Left, and Jacinda Woodhead’s incisive analysis of mainstream feminism and the market. Reading these essays is like watching a graph of seismic activity revealing that movement is afoot.

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